PuryFi for Firefox 0.6.2

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  • Create Date December 3, 2021

PuryFi uses a client side object detection neural network, the PuryFi AI to check and detect NSFW images and censors those accordingly.

Version: 0.6.2


  • Can censor mutliple file types
    • JPG / JPEG
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • WEBP
    • GIF ()
    • Video Elements
  • Multiple censor type options
    • Black Bar
    • Pixelation
    • Blur
    • Glitch
  • Fast
  • Easy to install


Known Bugs:
- The context menu for local files does not work
- Some images (such as shown on google images) are not processed by the AI, those images are Base64 encoded images.


New Features:

  • White and Blacklist mode
    You can white or blacklist web pages now in the options menu


  • Fixed a bug which prevented images < 50px from being loaded
  • Fixed a bug on web pages with unknown mime types


New Features:

  • New censor mode: Glitch
    Glitches areas of the image by shifting the color channels and applying other effects.
    Note: Glitch mode has currently a bad performance and takes a bit longer than the other modes much depending on the image size.
    (Using it on videos is not recommended)
    More custom control options will be available for this mode in future versions.


  • The experimental video censor overlay has now a much better performance
    Note: As the video functionality gets closer to reaching the quality i am aiming for i will slowly move it out of the experimental features into the Patreon features (until it is replaced by real video censoring). With this update the feature requires you to have an account and login in the extension but it can still be used freely.

    • Black Bar: x10 times faster on videos and a bit faster on images
    • Pixelation: x100 times faster on videos and faster on images
    • Hexagons and Hexaglitch: x50 times faster on videos and faster on image
  • Censor settings can now be changed and applied while the video is playing
  • The extension handles videos now much more efficient, videos do no longer have to fully load to be displayed!
  • Removed the bug which caused only JPG to be processed for the localfile feature


New Features:

  • You can now open local files with Firefox and they get censored
    • Works with all image types (except GIF)
    • Known Bug: The context menu is not working on local files


  • Experimental video censor mode now considers options
    • Pixelation has a bad performance on videos, we will try to improve the algorithm in one of the next versions.


New Features:

  • Added Hexagonal censoring mode
    • You can find this mode as a sub-mode of Pixelation, make sure you choose a higher pixelsize ( > ~10px) when switching.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the context menu options working only once per image
  • Fixed a bug which prevented GIF thumbnails from working


New Features:

  • Reworked the blurring algorithm
  • Added options for blur censor type
  • Added a cache overview under Help
  • Added the option to disable and / or clear the internal cache system
  • Added experimental video overlay
  • Added memory safe mode for GIF encoding

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which always displayed the extension as ON even if it was OFF

This is still a beta version, expect crashes and problems!
Use at your own risk and with caution!

FAQ: PuryFi for Firefox

Please register and ensure you are logged in
Visit the Firefox addon page (you can directly navigate to that page via the url "about:addons").
Click on the gear icon and select "Install Add-on From File...", then select the xpi file.
Please ensure you are using your login credentials for https://pury.fi/ and not your patreon login credentials.
1. GIF's censoring can be unlocked via patreon.
2. You need to bind your account on https://pury.fi/ to your patreon account.
3. After step 2. login with your https://pury.fi/ account in the extension via the options menu, your patreon tier should be visible after your login.
4. Enable GIF under the File Types section in the options menu.
It can be installed on Android devices:
Download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/puryfi/

Please look up on how to install extensions on Firefox Nightly!
This can happen when your Patreon keys expire.
It can usually be solved very easily, please try one (or both if necessary) of the following solutions:
- Rebind your Patreon to your account on pury.fi
(You can find that setting within your profile on pury.fi)
- Do a password reset for your account to trigger a refresh
Also update your login info within the extension / make sure your login info is correct

Finally re-log in the extension with your account data.