PuryFi for Firefox 0.5.2

AI based image censoring of adult content within the webpages you visit.
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  • File Size 33.00 MB
  • Create Date September 14, 2021

PuryFi uses a client side object detection neural network, the PuryFi AI to check and detect NSFW images and censors those accordingly.

Version: 0.5.2


  • Can censor mutliple file types
    • JPG / JPEG
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • GIF ()
  • Multiple censor type options
    • Black Bar
    • Pixelation
    • Blur
  • Fast
  • Easy to install

This is still a beta version, expect crashes and problems!
Use at your own risk and with caution!

FAQ: PuryFi for Firefox

Please register and ensure you are logged in
Visit the Firefox addon page (you can directly navigate to that page via the url "about:addons").
Click on the gear icon and select "Install Add-on From File...", then select the xpi file.
Please ensure you are using your login credentials for https://pury.fi/ and not your patreon login credentials.
1. GIF's censoring can be unlocked via patreon.
2. You need to bind your account on https://pury.fi/ to your patreon account.
3. After step 2. login with your https://pury.fi/ account in the extension via the options menu, your patreon tier should be visible after your login.
4. Enable GIF under the File Types section in the options menu.
It can be installed on Android devices:
Download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/puryfi/

Please look up on how to install extensions on Firefox Nightly!
This can happen when your Patreon keys expire.
It can usually be solved very easily, please try one (or both if necessary) of the following solutions:
- Rebind your Patreon to your account on pury.fi
(You can find that setting within your profile on pury.fi)
- Do a password reset for your account to trigger a refresh
Also update your login info within the extension / make sure your login info is correct

Finally re-log in the extension with your account data.